Hello! I am Miss Axel, an energetic, curious and creative member of the YL team.
I received a Bachelor’s and Master`s degree in arts in Romania-my home country. In parallel, I studied pedagogy. Why? Because I`ve always had a strong belief in the importance of education, how much it shapes our society and ourselves. I can place myself very close to a child`s mind, understanding the needs and the curious little thoughts they may have.
Art is an important factor in our lives and we express ourselves through it starting at a very young age. I can appreciate and analyze the work of a child, teach techniques and develop skills. My specialty is the arts of fire which means I put an emphasis on working with clay and building in 3D.
But most importantly, I support children`s curiosity and creativity keeping them in touch with the beauty of every little detail of our big world and presenting Mother Nature as a timeless muse.