Michaela Boščákova

I have always wanted to work with and for the children that is why when I started University and pursued degree in special pedagogy I immediately grabbed the opportunity to also work with children. My most valuable and rich experience comes from working as a special pedagogue in a Children’s Home. It would be fair to say that this place was my second home and gave me the opportunity to work with, get to know and support children with autism, down syndrome and ADHD. Whenever I had days off from the Children’s Home I would spend time in a Special Pedagogic Center where I worked for few hours with children with learning disabilities or troubled families. As a Pedagogue I am aware that working with children is a difficult and responsible task, but I am proud that my work brings positive and important changes in the lives of my little, playful and sincere students, that is what counts the most for me. In return, my students teach me how to be more responsible and persistent.