Lego Education 5-6

For kids age 5 to 6.

According to the spiral theory of learning, our workshops addressed to the older group base on the skills and knowledge internalized by kids before, extend themes and raise the difficulty level. The themed play is intertwined with math and creative tasks, role playing, story-telling (inventing), and constructing. During workshops, students have an opportunity to practice their language and communication skills, cooperation and leadership skills.

Our workshops are planned taking into consideration the knowledge of children’s cognitive development and the experience of our teachers (a kindergarten teacher and psychologist). The methods used in the workshops are in accordance with modern teaching strategies. Consequently, during our workshops kids may dance, sing, draw, do physical exercises, works in teams, communicate – this combination of activities keeps them motivated, focused and entertained – playing with Lego blocks at the same time.

The workshops are conducted entirely in English. The cost of one class amounts to 35zł for 45 minutes.