About Us

Young Leaders is an Early Education Academy that focuses on Early Childhood education. YLEEA is an international and tolerant setting where play is the way of learning.

Our practice continues to evolve continuously and changes to meet children’s needs but our fundamental beliefs include:

  • An environment in which all kinds of play are equally valued;
  • Authentic experiences are provided for children for them to extrapolate in their play;
  • Teachers value their role as play partners as well;
  • Children’s responses to activities provided are respected and opportunities provided to develop their interests in ways that promote deep level learning not “replication with variation”;
  • Activities are not set up to test what children can or cannot do, but assessment of children’s attainment and progress is understood, recorded and shared with parents and carers alongside sharing the children’s interest in learning;
  • Making activities playful is valued but this is done in response to children’s cultural interests and intellectual interests;
  • Physicality in play and learning is valued in both boys and girls, and communication through body language, proximity and physical contact between children is also valued;
  • Children are allowed to occupy a wide emotional range, they are not constricted to having to be “happy” all the time, emotions are respected;
  • There is lots of laughing, children and their teachers have fun;
  • Children and adults relish laughter and fun, and they enjoy one another’s company;
  • Some play opportunities are prolonged and returned to by the children, and they are not made to “move on” in line with an adult directed schedule;
  • It is understood that building knowledge comes from being part of learning community with others, some like yourself and others not;
  • Translanguaging that gives children the freedom to move in and out of  languages while working (this promotes fuller understanding of subject matter) is welcome.

Why should You choose a bilingual education in Young Leaders – Early Education Academy?

Bilingualism is a rich resource as other languages and cultures have much to offer. Research shows that well-balanced bilinguals may have advantages over monolinguals in thinking, socializing and in academic achievement.

Young Leaders – Early Education Academy is a bilingual place  where helping young children to construct their knowledge of the world is not an information sharing exercise, but a journey that children and teachers travel together. Education in such environment is made to encourage learning through child initiated play in which exploration, problem solving and imagining happen.