Monika Elrachidy

Mrs. Elrachidy – in 2008 I earned my B.A. in English Language Teaching from Silesian University. After graduating from college, I taught Business English in New Horizons Center in Cairo and led a group of 16 wonderful kindergarteners in American City College in Zamalek, Cairo. Later I took a position of the Academic Coordinator  in the branch of American City College in Mutamayez, 6th of October, Egypt. Working in Egypt in an international setting allowed me to meet people and children from all over the world and help a school grow. When working in Egypt I went on to earn my Master’s Degree in Care and Education at Humanistics University of Lódź. After 5 years I returned home to Poland, Wrocław and worked as office administrator in one of the Wrocław international schools at the same time finishing my Post Graduate Course of Management in Education at Humanistics University of Lódź, where I currently lecture students on Pedagogy and related subjects. In 2017 with a professional partner I have decided to open new educational choice for parents who seek Froebelian like education embraced by the playful pedagogies methodology delivered to children by truly qualified educators.