YL Team

Our teachers are focused on not just preparing students for school, but for all aspects of life. Early years teachers in our Academy help guide children on this life journey and assist with developing knowledge, skills, and attitudes in order to make them effective learners throughout their lifetime.

Our reflective teachers value and provide for children to experiment and find the things out for themselves. They do this for example in free play with malleable materials or activities which support other aspects of expressive arts and design. They also provide for children to develop their thinking through dialogue with others using strategies such as “think, pair, share” and “talk partners” to promote learning from peers and through sustained shared thinking in other words by open-ended exploratory conversations.

Meet the Academy Educators and Team

All our Lead Teachers hold a B.A. or M.A. in Child Development/Early Education/Pedagogy or Child Psychology.

  • Assistant Teachers are fully qualified young teachers or students who are majoring in Child Development or a related major. Student assistants have varying backgrounds; some are fresh graduates, some are near completion of their degree program in child development, and some have just begun their academic careers. The one factor all student assistants have in common is their passion for working with children and expanding their understanding of child development.
  • Staff training (in and outside of Poland) and development is ongoing, as well as responsive to current research and innovative educational philosophies in early childhood education.